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Shanghai Baolijia Chemical Co., Ltd was founded in August 28, 2002.Its wholly owned subsidiaries are Shanghai Baolijia new material Co. Ltd., Foshan Baolijia Chemical Co., Ltd, Yantai Baolijia Chemical Technology Co., Ltd., Yantai Baolijia new material Co. Ltd., Deyang ,Baolijia technology Co.,Ltd., Shanghai Bao Lijia Trading Co. ltd.

Our company is located in Shanghai, an international metropolis. It has convenient transportation: expressways, railways and waterways are in all directions. It is one of the largest emulsion production bases in Shanghai and even the whole country. Our company is based on the development of technology, specialization and scale……



We have a first-class emulsion development team and automatic production line

To provide customers with high quality products and technical support

Our company has first-class standards modernization in the industry and specialized evaluation technology center for the research and development and application of emulsion.it has gathered a large number of experts,
professors, senior engineers and management personnel, and established a good relationship of cooperation with domestic research institutions, universities,
has launched a variety of new varieties of emulsions of international standard,covering architectural emulsion, waterproof emulsion,textile emulsion, textile additive, packaging emulsion,additive and other functional products.


The core of talent strategy

It is to cultivate people, attract people, use people and discover people.

The nature of talent strategy

Talent is a strategic resource

Talent strategy is thinking about the future

Focusing on the role of talent in promoting sustainable development and long-term development of enterprises.

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Foshan Baolijia Chemical Co.,Ltd

Tel:0757-87661136  |  Fax:0757-87661108

Add: No.42-1,Area A,Datang Industrial Park,Sanshui District,Foshan,Guangdong

Deyang Baolijia Technology Co.,Ltd

Tel:0838-2851428  |  Fax:0838-2851428

Add: Group 5,Xieyue Village,Tianyuan Town,Jingyang District,Deyang,Sichuan

Shanghai Baolijia Chemical Co.,Ltd

Tel:021-57582162  |  Fax:021-57582520

Add:Lane 6828,Daye Road,Fengxian District,Shanghai

Shanghai Baolijia New Material Co.,Ltd

Tel:021-31165521  |  Fax:021-57582468

Add:No.1719, Canggong Road,Zhelin Town, Fengxian District,Shanghai

Yantai Baolijia Chemical Technology Co.,Ltd

Tel:0535-6115298  |  Fax:0535-6115298

Add: No.41,Fuzhou Road, Developing Zone, Yantai ,Shandong

Yantai Baolijia New Material Co.,Ltd

Tel:0535-3978371  |  Fax:0535-3978371

Add: No.3-20,Kaifeng Road, Developing Zone, Yantai ,Shandong

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