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Draw a blueprint, enjoy prosperity, new leap.

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Draw a blueprint, enjoy prosperity, new leap.  

-- warm congratulations on the successful conclusion of the New Year's party.

The golden rooster, the jade dog xiangrui, ziqi east, vientiane update.Farewell to the unforgettable arduous 2017, usher in full of opportunities and challenges of 2018.Looking back on the 15th anniversary of baolijia's struggle and development, we look forward to the future of baolijia.On January 12, 2018, Shanghai baolijia chemical co., LTD. 15th anniversary celebration and New Year party were held in the grand hotel.

All the employees of baolijia group co., LTD., together with the excellent representative of the company, will attend this annual meeting. This annual meeting will be wonderful and exciting.The staff of baolijia are passionate, and the wonderful performance brings a visual feast to all the leaders, guests and other employees who are present.

At the beginning of the party, Mr. Yang wenyu, the chairman of baolijia, took the stage to make New Year's greetings.Yang dong, reviews the development of 2017 this year, hard, must have the good result of the 2017, and the New Year in 2018 continue to set a larger goal, with a heart to strive to accomplish the ultimate goal of insurance company; - to become the world's poor.In the end, we wish our baojijia a step by step, a new height, a steady and sustainable development.

The development of baolijia is inseparable from the hard work of a batch of employees. Today, it is more inseparable from the joint efforts of a lot of employees.The following awards will be awarded to all outstanding employees in 2017. First of all, Ms. Yang huijing, the deputy general manager of production, will give awards to excellent employees.Then, Mr. Lin kufang, executive vice President, presented awards for the sales of outstanding employees.Finally, Yang dong, the chairman of baolijia, presented awards to the outstanding staff of logistics management.

The take-off of baolijia is more inseparable from the efficient management of the directors of various departments. As the middle-level backbone of the company, they lead their departments and follow the development of the company.Shoulder heavy responsibility, as a team leader, youth and enterprise, talent and enterprise to forge ahead.

The highlight of the party is the five rounds of the lucky draw, which includes the lucky prize, the third prize, the second prize, the first prize and the special prize.A friend who didn't get a prize, because of the company's 15th anniversary celebration, the company prepared the sunshine award for all employees, making sure that everyone had a prize.There are three gold MEDALS, the first prize of the party, representing the wealth and luck, the atmosphere is very warm.

During the party, the talented and talented people of baolijia made their appearance and exhibited themselves.The customer service department and the network department have performed a wonderful performance of "the immortal has trouble", the unique performance, the exquisite props are amazing.Party in the end, the personnel department, two colleagues sang "in every day of my life", expressed the preserved made good thank all the colleagues, and company, also expressed the bartender made better preserved the staff group bright prospect; strong confidence and good wishes, the whole atmosphere to a climax!!!!!!

The bright lights are the color of the New Year.The song is loud and clear, is the New Year's moving melody!This is a joyous event, not only shows the protection of the employees of the youth; style, also represents our all colleagues of the harmonious, more communicate to the company future, flying high ambition, thank you for always support to protect good customers and clients.

Best wishes for the New Year, the courage to reform and innovation, to create new brilliant!