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Potential Supervisor

  • Working place : zhelin Town,Fengxian District

    Work experience : One year

    Wages: Over 4000

  • Type:Full time



Position Description

1、Strictly abide by the rules and regulations of the company and the production department.

2、Conduct safety operation in strict accordance with the operating regulations of the production department.

3、Fulfill the task in a safe, reasonable, efficient and high quality way according to the production instructions.

4、On-site operation should be carried out carefully according to the needs of production.

5、Conduct site inspection and fill in the record In accordance with the requirements, when you find sth abnormal,treat it timely and report to the supervisor;

6、to conscientiously hand over the work on the site in accordance with the requirements 

7、Study the new process and operation according to the requirements of the company and the Department.

8、put forward rational suggestions for improvement according to work requirement.

9、Other tasks arranged by the leadership.


1、College graduated or above, major in chemical industry;

2、Strong insight;

3、Employees with DCS operation experience is preferred.

4、The above conditions can be relaxed for the outstanding employees;

5、Health, obedience to leadership;

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