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Potential supervisor for research and development

  • Working place : Zhelin Town,Fengxian District

    Work experience : one year

    Wages: over 4000

  • Type:full time



Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the implementation of product development, development and development plans of the department;

2. Implement the plan and conduct product identification, production transformation and technical specification work;

3. Design modification and design improvement according to the requirements of users or other departments of the company;

4. Completed other related tasks according to the requirements and arrangement of the superior leaders of the company.

Job requirements:

1. 20-35 years old, majoring in polymer chemistry, applied chemistry and chemistry, master degree or above.

2. Have a certain understanding of paint and dye;

3. Cheerful, honest and honest, responsive and responsible.

Contact: miss lu, human resources

Contact number: 021-31167907/15921806035

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