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Special assistance for the President

  • Working place : Zhelin Town,Fengxian District

    Work experience : one year

    Wages: over 4000

  • Type:full time



Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the overall management of the sales system under the leadership of the executive vice President, and strive to be a staff assistant of the executive vice President;

2. Responsible for the arrangement, implementation, inspection, supervision and implementation of the specific management work under the leadership of the executive vice President.

3. Assist the executive vice President in the management of operations, supervise and supervise the implementation of the implementation.

4. Responsible for the classification and submission of various documents, please kindly read the batch of documents and transfer them to relevant departments.

5. Assist the executive vice President to investigate and research the company's operation and management, and offer Suggestions and Suggestions for the chairman of the group.

6. Organize work and meeting minutes of the executive vice President office meeting and other meetings.To draft and publish the resolutions and decisions.


1. 22-35 years old, master degree or above, good image quality;

2. English level 6 or above, fluent in oral English, with the preference of overseas study experience;

3. Major in marketing or international trade;

4. Strong organization and coordination ability;

5. This position is preferred to recent students.

Contact: miss lu, human resources

Contact number: 021-31167907/15921806035

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