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Converge energy and pave way for the future -- pageant of Baolijia waterproof industry

Source:保立佳化工股份有限公司 Date:2017-09-25 Hits:

As one of the sponsors of the VALSPAR 2017 Golf Championship, president Mr. Yang , general manager Mr. Lin and another two colleagues from foreign trade department took a visit to the US in March 6th at the invitation of VALSPAR. During the visit to the United States,we mainly visited the VALSPAR emulsion plant and coating construction plant, and realized that the whole production scale of the company is not large, but the layout is very compact, and each of the employee performs its own functions. Their efficient production is our learning example and catching up goal. At the same time, we visited the golf tournament, Tampa and met VALSPAR headquarters and the leading top leaders of the world.

This VALSPAR trip to Tampa should be very successful. In Tampa, we received a high standard reception from VALSPAR company and posed for a picture with the company leader. VALSPAR expressed positive and high appreciation for our sincere and efficient cooperative attitude. Our president Mr. Yang also expressed heartfelt thanks for the warm reception given to us by the VALSPAR.

Through this activity, we also feel the profound cultural implication of the US Centennial businesses. They are worthy of learning from their excellent planning level in large-scale social activities. The trip to the United States not only enhanced mutual understanding of each other, but also laid a solid foundation for better cooperation in the future.